When it comes to personal branding, an Attractive Character starts with you and the ability to attract people to you by sharing your own personal stories. As you continue to read this book, I am going to show you how you can become an Attractive Character to get people to know you, like you, want to learn from you, trust you and eventually do business with you by sharing your own personal stories to inspire and captivate your audience. 

The key to building your Attractive Character is to understand that people will follow you because you have completed the journey they’re on right now, and they want the results you’ve already achieved. (Russell Brunson).

Becoming an Attractive Character is a very powerful strategy when it comes to building your personal brand and writing a sales funnel or a copy. When you create an Attractive Character for your sales funnel that everyone is drawn to, they will more likely do business with you. An Attractive Character will be used for everything you will be doing related to building your online presence, which will lead to the sales of your  products and services.  An Attractive Character  will also inspire and motivate your audience  to take massive action. 

People will be drawn to you as an Attractive Character because you are touching on their pain points, problems, and through their experiences. They will be attracted to you more than you will realize because you will be leading with value. This is why it is important for you  to be authentic, transparent and vulnerable. Your audience is more interested to know how you achieved your success.  They want to know your  story, your  journey, your struggles and by you sharing your story with them, they will be inspired because you are letting them know that you are just like them. 

3 Components of an Attractive Character

According to Russell Brunson, he stated that there  are 3 components when it comes to creating an Attractive Character. These are elements, identity, and storyline.

Having these 3 components will create the perfect Attractive Character. 


The Four Elements of the Attractive Character

* Backstory
* Parables
* Character flaws (Vulnerabilities)
* Polarity

What is the Purpose of the Backstory?

n a narrative, the backstory or background story should explain who your character is and who you are. Writing a backstory for an Attractive Character can be tricky and so many people struggle when it comes to writing their story. To write a compelling backstory, start making a brief outline of your life, starting from your childhood, education, list some of your jobs, talk about your struggle, list a few defining moments, and where you stand today. I would recommend keeping your backstory under 2000 words. 

Start by asking yourself, “Why am I writing my background story for my Attractive Character?” “How will my backstory help in my main story?” Writing your backstory will deepen and strengthen your narrative. Figure out what you want your backstory to do in your main story. This will help you to start your background story with intent and purpose.

 * For example, you may want your backstory to reveal something from your troubled childhood that is affecting you in your present moment or you may want your backstory to show that you had a complicated relationship with your mother, who passed away. 

Make a Brief Outline of the Attractive Character’s Life

When getting started on your backstory, find a quiet place.  sit down and start writing your outline of a  brief timeline of your Attractive Character’s life. Start with your childhood to your present moment. Draw a line starting with your age and break it into sections for “childhood,” “adolescence,” and “adulthood.” Then write down  your life experiences of your Attractive Character’s life on the timeline. 

If you did not have a good childhood and you don’t want to share that  part of your life,  you can keep it short and just focus on key moments that you want to share. Remember, you don’t have to share everything about your life. Share only important experiences in your backstory and remember why you are sharing it with your audience. What do you want to accomplish by sharing this part of your life? Maybe, you want to reveal your “pain points” find something that your target audience can relate to. Maybe you want to reveal a part of your life, such as, weight loss that would lead them to get involved and buy your products or services. 

Connect the Backstory to Your Attractive Character’s Present Moment

As you write your backstory, always keep in mind to connect it back to your  Attractive Character’s present moment in your story. Write your story that relates to your current problems. You should write your backstory with feelings and emotions that you are  having in the present moment. 

* For example,  If you are writing a backstory about your Attractive Character and you are dealing with a divorce, you don’t want to include anything related to your childhood. You  want to write about the relationship between you and your husband or wife and show your emotions of how you are feeling in the present moment. 

What are Parables

Parables are short stories that are easy to remember.  These stories illustrates relevant points in your life. Take stories from your life and experiences that are related to your business and share them with your audience. Share you struggles and give examples on how you were able to overcome them. 

Character Flaws (Vulnerabilities)

Share you character flaws, mistakes, lessons, challenges, struggles, and how you learn to grow from them. Look, we all make mistakes and none of us are perfect, especially when we are learning something new. Use those mistakes or imperfections to you advantage. When you share your mistakes, you will allow your audience to peek inside the real you. As a result… they will resonate with you. No one want to hear about the perfect person, because they can’t relate.


Don’t try to please everyone. Neutral is boring and not attractive. Start sharing your opinions without having the fear that you would offend anyone. Attractive Characters are typically are very polarizing. Take a stand for what you believe in and don’t try to be like anyone else, but yourself. 

Split your audience into three groups: 

1. Those who agree agree with you.
2. Those who are neutral.
3. Those who disagree with you. 

As you try to create that polarization, it will change your “fair weather” fans to die-hard fans who will follow what you say and do. Share your message and they will buy from you over and over again. 

Attractive Character Storyline

Stories are a great way to communicate with your audience and this will create the know, trust and like factor. There are six basic storyline that businesses and companies use over and over again in their email marketing, video marketing, sales letters, sales funnels, landing pages and other communication.


” I had everything, I was on top of the world, life was great. “Then ___________________happened. I had to figure out my way of_______________. But it turned out to be a blessing in disguise because I went through___________and I learned /received________. Now, I____________.

Loss and redemption stories are very powerful because they show the upside of going through hardship and meeting challenges.

Us vs Them

You want to use us  vs, them kind of stories to polarize your audience. Using these types of stories will draw your raving fans attention and even closer to you. Give them a rallying cry against outsiders. 

Create polarity by drawing a line in the sand between you and you competitions.  “Don’t be sucked in by all those gurus false hype.”

Before and After

Use these stories of transformation, and trust me, they work in any and every market. These story are self explanatory and they are so simple to write because you are sharing your own personal stories and they are simple. These stories are powerful motivators and you should use them in you marketing daily. 

Amazing Discoveries

“Oh my gosh, you guys … wait until you hear about this amazing thing, I recently discovered. You are not going to believe it. But, I hit a home run my first try. I was not sure if it was going to work, but I tried it out and it worked. You got to try this as soon as you can.”

These stories are huge if you are looking to sell webinars and teleseminars because they help people believe that you have found the solutions to their problems. 

Secret Telling

“I have got a secret to tell you … if you want to find out what it is, you need to do_______________.”

The lure of secrets  will draw the reader into your sales funnel and set up your Value Ladder

Third Person Testimonials

Start sharing other people’s successes with your products, services and programs. This provides  powerful social proof. Get as many third-person testimonials from your customers, clients, students, and coaching clients. Then use them throughout your stories or use them as stand alone stories and case studies. 

A great way to get testimonials is from teaching. I have ran many successful bootcamps and challenges where I teach my students marketing. After I completed the training, my students will give me  testimonials.

If you are a coach, ask your clients to give you a testimonial about your coaching. I find video testimonials to be very effective because they are authentic and transparent. You can also get testimonial of people who have used the products you are promoting. This is social proof that your products work. When your audience sees social proof, they are more likely to join your opportunity. 

Identity of an Attractive Character

The Leader:The identity of the leader is usually assumed by many people whose goal is to lead their audience from one place to another. Most leaders have a similar backstory that are similar to their audiences and  they are very much aware of the pitfalls their audience will face on their journey to achieve success.  The desired results has already been achieved by the leader and his or her audience will want to follow along the same path. 

The Adventurer or The Crusader: The adventurer is usually someone who is very curious and wants to learn as much as he or she can.  They don’t usually have all the answers, and are still trying to figure it all out themselves,  so they set out on a journey and whatever they learn, they share it with their audience. 

The Reporter or Evangelist:
The identity is often one that most people use when they are just getting started in their online journey. This identity is used when they have not yet achieved the results to share with their audience, but have the desire to achieve success. So, they put on the hat of a reporter or interviewer to discover the truth. These people  who use this identity interview hundreds or even thousands of people and share their interviews and everything they have learned with their audiences. 

The Reluctant Hero: This is  someone who is humble and  he or she do not want the spotlight or any fuss made over their discoveries. But he knows that these secrets are important and he must share it with the world. There is a moral duty that compels him to share his  discoveries with the world. 

9 Qualities of a Charismatic Leader.

“People are silently begging to be led”~ Jay Abraham

So how do you become a the type of leader they need? 

Charismatic leaders have a certain quality about them that  attracts a huge following.  They know  exactly how to inspire, motivate and captivate their audience. They also know  how to get  their followers and fans to take massive action. 

A charismatic leader is someone who possess extraordinary skills when it comes to communication. They know that communication is key and this will help them to motivate, captivate,  and inspire their followers when they are going through tough times and it will help them stay grounded when things are great. These types of leaders are comfortable leading large groups of people and they know how to communicate effectively with others one-on-one.


A charismatic leader is someone who has a powerful personality and also has maturity and character. These types of leaders, don’t believe in empty showmanship, but they use their knowledge and wisdom which they have learned over the years of building their business and through their experiences. They are responsible, transparent, charming, authentic,  and they always behave in a mature and professional manner. 

Humility :

A charismatic leader is someone who is modest and humble. They have the ability to listen to their followers and voice their concerns and opinions. These types of leaders are able to persuade and convince their followers and students of the value they bring to the company. They inspire and motivate loyalty from their followers. Their students look up to them for guidance that will  lead them in the  direction for them to achieve success. 

Compassion : 

A successful charismatic leader is someone who is compassionate. These leaders are honest, they are driven by integrity and courage. They know that charisma alone  will not be enough because it will deteriorate into hero worshipers. 


As we all know  charisma can exist without substance, but this will only be short lived. A charismatic leader knows that showing  flashy and  glitzy lifestyle will only capture the attention of their audience, but eventually their audience will want something  of substance. A charismatic leader is someone who not only talk the talk, but she also walk the walk and she has achieved the results, you are trying to achieve. She is very much aware that her charms will only attract the wrong attention, but having substance, will always close the deal. 


Charismatic leaders are very confident and they are comfortable in their own skin. They know themselves well and they don’t try to be like anyone else. They are authentic and as real as it gets. These types of leaders are very secure in who they are as a person. They are secure and confident and this is one of the reasons why they attract a huge following. 

When it comes to creating your Attractive Character, use your own personal stories. This will create the know, like and trust factor and your audience will gravitate towards you and buy your products. When it comes to online personal branding, if you are not building your brand, it will be impossible to make money in this online space. 

Remember to always be authentic and transparent. Let people into your life by sharing your successes, struggles, personal stories, and how your overcome your pain points. Creating an Attractive Character is key when it comes to online personal branding.